Usability & UX

Concepts, prototypes & solutions

You can cross your fingers and hope people will like your design. But we assure you that you’ll have a much better chance at a successful launch if you run a few early-stage user tests to see how it's received by real users.

Usability ensures a superior experience.

More than ever, the digital interface determines the relationship with your consumer.
Actual humans will expose problems you've failed to identify during your design and development process.

When you're too close to your work, it's impossible to look at it without bias. What matters to you and your colleagues might be different from what matters to your end user.

User tests evaluate solutions on 3 distinct levels:

1. Functional: Does it work?
2. Usable: Can you use it?
3. Valuable: Does it add value?

Additionally, in times of inclusion and sustainability, it is also important to test digital solutions for accessibility and learnability.


The European Medicine Agency tasked u.sentric to ensure everyone with an interest in veterinary medicines was able to seamlessly access their new UPD website. To achieve this goal, several usability tests were performed on the newly created wireframes and prototypes, resulting in valuable insights and recommendations from actual users that gave the developers a blueprint to build a user-friendly website.

Baloise asked u.sentric to test the usability and desirability of their new customer portal. The goal was to discover whether potential users could use the interface and whether                                  the value proposition was compelling enough to enable repeat usage. The outcome                                  was a detailed analysis of the usability and how to improve it combined with tangible                                  insights into how the value proposition of the app could be improved.

Our approach

1. Tailored to your project

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, because all organizations, customers, and challenges are unique. The approach and creative method we use depends on whether the focus is on users, experts, or internal stakeholders. We align with you on tools, techniques, participants, location, and timing.

2. Rooted in understanding

We don't assume to know your problem, but we do know how to understand it thoroughly. We observe, explore, and interact with your customer, user, or stakeholder to provide you with advice-based on facts and real-life experiences.

3. Broad experiences & expertise

Your challenges deserve the best. We have a multidisciplinary team with strong roots in human-centered design and extensive experiences in different fields with organizations both large and small.