Skill Building & Training

Building Customer-Centered Skills

When it comes to customer centricity, skill set and mindset go hand in hand. By fostering one without the other, you will only see incremental improvements. However, if you want to implement a culture of customer centricity in your organization, building skills and shifting mindsets must be done in tandem.

Anyone can adopt a customer-centered mindset, but without the necessary skills to execute an customer-driven initiative, it will produce lackluster results.

We provide a suite of different trainings, workshops, or bootcamps based on customer-centric ways of working: Human-Centered Design, User research, Design thinking, and more.

The format of these trainings can be tailored to your needs, from hour-long sessions to multi-month engagements.


Paccar wanted to invigorate the innovation culture in their organization, and asked u.sentric to organize a Design Thinking bootcamp. The bootcamp was 5 full days with                                  different project teams where they went through the different phases of design thinking                                  to understand how customer-driven innovation works. Design Thinking rekindled the                                  team's and organization's focus on the customer and led to different creative solutions.

Solvay asked u.sentric to train their global high-potentials in design thinking. To achieve this a 6-month remote program was crafted for 60 high potentials. During this program the different teams worked on business cases and were taught to apply design thinking from start to finish under the supervision of an experienced coach.

UCLL relied on u.sentric to provide "train the trainer" sessions on design thinking for their professors. We supported various professionals during a 2-day deep dive where every phase of design thinking was explained in hands-on sessions with concrete examples                                  and cases.

Our approach

1. Tailored to your project

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, because all organizations, customers, and challenges are unique. The approach and creative method we use depends on whether the focus is on users, experts, or internal stakeholders. We align with you on tools, techniques, participants, location, and timing.

2. Rooted in understanding

We don't assume to know your problem, but we do know how to understand it thoroughly. We observe, explore, and interact with your customer, user, or stakeholder to provide you with advice-based on facts and real-life experiences.

3. Broad experiences & expertise

Your challenges deserve the best. We have a multidisciplinary team with strong roots in human-centered design and extensive experiences in different fields with organizations both large and small.