Prototype Building & Testing

Involve the real expert.

Every business wants to be unique and to blaze a trial. But with the same voices and same techniques, you will merely create variations of what you already produce. Bring in your real consumers and their viewpoints to help you to create better, new, and unexpected solutions based on how they really think and what they desire.

The effort it takes to organize co-creation sessions is returned in full through inspiration and feedback, and the resulting insights have consistently shown to be good for your top-line.

Making your users, customers, or other stakeholders part of the creation process is a great way to:

  • Gain insights into expectations and unmet needs
  • Capture new ideas, concepts, and unexpected inspiration
  • Create internal alignment and remove barriers
  • Gain real-life feedback on your concepts & prototypes


Rondou, a well-known, local butcher shop, explored with u.sentric the future of butcher shops in a digital world. The prominent outcome of the co-creation workshops was the Rondou boutique, a way for busy people to pick up their order after closing hours.

The National lottery collaborated with u.sentric to define new topics for their online games. We brought together game developers and players of the National Lottery in co-creation workshops, and identified various new topics that the organization could explore to create digital games.

Flanders Investment & Trade relied on u.sentric to help identify, bottom-up, what differentiates Flanders. They asked U.SENTRIC to moderate 10 sessions with stakeholders from various industries, totaling over 100 people, to define these differentiating elements. Together with key clusters, a new positioning strategy for Flanders was co-created.

Our approach

1. Tailored to your project

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, because all organizations, customers, and challenges are unique. The approach and creative method we use depends on whether the focus is on users, experts, or internal stakeholders. We align with you on tools, techniques, participants, location, and timing.

2. Rooted in understanding

We don't assume to know your problem, but we do know how to understand it thoroughly. We observe, explore, and interact with your customer, user, or stakeholder to provide you with advice-based on facts and real-life experiences.

3. Broad experiences & expertise

Your challenges deserve the best. We have a multidisciplinary team with strong roots in human-centered design and extensive experiences in different fields with organizations both large and small.