Embedding UX (UX Office)

Making UX an integral part of your (development) processes

Many companies are leveraging digital technologies to create, improve, or change the way they operate. However, digital solutions aren't merely adopted because they're digital, they need to match the user's expectations, needs, and mental models.

User Experience design is a way for organizations to ensure their solutions are not only usable, but add value. The integration of UX research, design, and testing is vital to the success of organizations and their digital solutions.

A better User Experience has various proven benefits for users:

  • Faster adoption of new solutions (lower learning curves)
  • More enjoyable solutions
  • Fewer mistakes during usage

A better User Experience also has various proven benefits for organizations:

  • Less customer service
  • Less rework
  • Higher customer loyalty

Yet Incorporating the different elements of UX such as research, design, and testing in an organization can be trickier than it sounds. We support you to make UX a part of the daily activities within an organization so that you can create solutions for internal or external users that aren't just usable but enjoyable.


Elia worked with us to embed UX in their current development structure and processes, the outcome of which: was a clear roadmap on how to grow their UX Center of Excellence and achieve alignment and collaboration with other teams. Together with                                  the UX team foundational elements were crafted to kickstart the UX team’s growth such                                  as a standardized toolbox of techniques, methods, processes, and deliverables.

The European Council worked with us to improve their current development process in order to make it more user-friendly. The outcome of which was a detailed analysis of the current process and an improved development process that incorporated                                  best-practices from UX and other human-centered design methodologies.

Our approach

1. Tailored to your project

There is no one-size fits all. All organizations, customers, and challenges are unique. This also means that they require a tailored approach. The approach and creative methods used depend on whether the focus is on users, experts, or internal stakeholders. We align with you on tools, techniques, participants, location, and timing.

2. Rooted in understanding

We don't assume to know your problem, but we do know how to understand it thoroughly. We observe, explore, and interact with your customer, user, or stakeholder to provide you with advice based on facts and real-life experiences.

3. Broad experiences & expertise

Your challenges deserve the best. We have a multidisciplinary team with strong roots in human-centered design and extensive experiences in different fields with organizations large and small.