Of course you put
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Our purpose

u.sentric helps you become (even) more customer-centered.

We work with you, or advise you, on how to involve your customer in daily processes or projects to create value for the company and customer alike.

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Helping you think outside-in

Differentiate your organization in the eyes of your customer

Through customer understanding, we help leaders craft successful strategies that align people, processes, and solutions with customer needs and requirements. The goal of these strategies is to create sustainable advantages and differentiations that will reduce churn and increase customer willingness to pay.

Example Challenge

The department of Work and Social Economy asked us to help them define a customer-centered strategy to align the way different parts of the organization work. This resulted in a customer-centered strategy crafted with all internal stakeholders and based on customer insights. This strategy was used to define projects to improve the customer experience.

Create solutions your customers want

We help you reduce the inherent risk to innovating by understanding your customers and their needs. Through Human-Centered design techniques, we enable you to create and improve solutions in a shorter amount of time and with higher chances of success.

Example Challenge

Medec asked for our help to create a modern anesthesia machine that was different from what was on the market. Based on our observations of what anesthesiologists actually do and need in the operating room, we helped create the blueprint of the Caelus, a machine adapted to the needs of the HCP.

Create more value with your processes

Every process has a recipient, and if that recipient is a customer, it’s important to understand what they value and why. We help you understand what your customers expect, and support you to adapt the processes accordingly.

Example Challenge

NICC asked for our support to guide their digital transformation effort from a user perspective. This resulted in a digital transformation that is making technology work for the forensic teams, rather than them having to adapt to the technology.

Build the right solution the right way

Development can rapidly spin out of control if there is no constant feedback from the customer. We help you keep an eye on the customer or user’s requirements to ensure development stays on track and problems are addressed immediately, and not when launched.

Example Challenge

Niko asked our support to ensure the successful launch of a new solution for a specific target group. We helped create both offline and online manuals, tailored to and tested with the target group, to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Build a UX office or center of excellence

User Experience is a way to ensure digital solutions are both usable and enjoyable at the same time. We support you in embedding UX in the current development processes in your organization.

Example Challenge

Elia asked us to help them embed UX in their structure and development processes. Together we created a clear roadmap on how to achieve this and the foundational elements required to kickstart the team’s growth, such as communal tools, techniques, and methods.

What is your challenge?
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How to think outside-in from the inside-out?

The Customer-Centered Maturity Model (CCMM) is an in-house developed tool that examines how customer-centered your organization is. The model and accompanying assessment analyze the organization on 5 important organizational dimensions: Leadership, Process, Resources, Culture, and Structure.

The model aligns these 5 dimensions with the requirements of your customers, which allows you to understand if and how you can differentiate yourself through a customer-centric market approach.

The model and assessment provide your business with an unbiased foundation to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources, and align stakeholders.

An example the CCMM assessment results by using a radarplot.

Why would you bring us in?

Over the last 15 years, u.sentric has performed customer-centered projects in B2C and B2B contexts for the most diverse industries: from governmental to healthcare to fashion to retail to transport and beyond.

You, your organization, your customers, and your challenges are unique. We understand this requires a personalized approach to ensure the best possible outcomes. We endeavor to provide the best possible service in a human-centered way.

You want change, and we want impact. The best way to make a tangible difference for you, our client, is to go beyond merely delivering. We strive to provide you with not just meaningful insights and outcomes, but also with a different perspective.

We want to be a partner along for the ride, which is why we don't provide you with merely a plan or a roadmap. We take those first steps with you, because together we go further.

U-Sentric’s reports were more relevant and hands-on than what we were used to receiving from consultancy missions.
Olivier Danvin
Elia Group
Logo Elia Group
The engagement and flexibility with which the team set out to involve all stakeholders to build a strategy for the UX CoE to be formalised and grow has made this mission a success.
Olivier Danvin
ACME Corporation
Logo Elia Group
U-Sentric is zeer goed in het uitvoeren van gedegen onderzoek naar de effectieve noden van gebruikers en betrekt hen en andere stakeholders intensief doorheen het hele traject.
Johan Tas
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